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I am an enthusiastic software tester from Slovak republic (EU). I like when software does what it should do, and when it looks like it should look. I always prefer the hands-on approach to software testing before any methodology or any kind of management. I started around 2007 as a beta tester for several software products, then I worked as a system support and system administrator in a large bookstore company. Finally I became a professional software tester. I tested huge business solutions for file servers and mail servers, Microsoft SharePoint solutions, I also tested client applications, web applications and of course I have a little experience with testing of mobile applications. My main domain is the Windows operating system platform, but I also have experience with Linux and MacOS operating systems. I am now working at ESET as an agile tester. I have two software testing certifications (MCP, ISTQB).
This website is my personal space for publishing my personal opinions and my views on software testing and quality assurance. I am very sorry if you do not agree with my opinions, but I hope that even this disagreement may lead to some kind of improvement in thinking and practising software testing.

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◉ about the website

This website was completely written in HTML and CSS without using any scripts or any popular fancy effects, which I personnaly consider as embarrassing. I planned this web for text articles only, so I found any effects and any disturbing elements on the website as inappropriate. Because I like simple solutions, I am really glad that this very web page has only 40 lines of code (+ several lines of CSS code), and that I wrote every single word myself. So do not be affraid, there is no surveillance on my website, no mining, no advertisement, no stupid surveys or sticky subscriptions.


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