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the knight tester manifesto ◢

I am sure that during the last several years we are facing the reality of software that is delivered to customers in not such a quality manners as possible and acceptable. There were big and unacceptable global failures in the services, operating systems, desktop applications, mobile and web applications, considering not just security but also functionality and usability. The process of software creation, and software delivery is faster and faster, managers and people outside the technology divisions make wrong and stupid decisions, and this trend represent seriously dangerous impact on the quality of software. That´s why I believe we need a new generation of software testers: the knight testers who will do what they´ll could to stop the madness, and ensure the trust in software quality again. This is the knight tester´s manifesto:

1. The knight tester is not a job, it is a destiny. This is really an 24/7 x 365 issue. A passion. The madness for quality.

2. The knight tester will never give up a hands-on approach to software testing - the real testing, and never become a mediator or a test manager. He or she knows that theory is only for scholars, and that any kind of management is just a waste of his or her time and talent.

3. The knight tester will never give up his or her enthusiasm for testing, the methods, the approach, the art, in the name of any methodology or any principle created by managers and other bureaucrats. No matter how ubiquitous and popular these are.

4. The knight tester will never be a developer´s brother. The knight tester will never be a manager´s friend. He or she understand that they are at continuous merciless war for a better software where there is no place for any peace.

5. The knight tester may agree that any issues and problems found will be postponed or invalidated, but he or she will never accept it, and at any opportunity will reopen or mention the issue he or she believe need to be fixed. Forever.

6. The knight tester will never spend more time by managing the testing process rather than performing testing work itself. He or she will rather leave the project than become mr. Official signed under perfectly managed yet poorly working software.

7. The knight tester will do whatever possible and even impossible to stop the delivery of software he or she considered as not deliverable. Everyone will hear complaints of the knight tester.

8. The knight tester does not believe in certifications, false experts, and all the business around it. He or she still and continuously educate himself or herself, and yet he or she understand that the real expertise and education lies in a practice.

9. The knight tester does not believe anybody. He or she does not trust any chart, any samples, any automation, any virtualization, simulation or emulation. He or she trusts only to his or her own strength, skills and the sixth sense of the real software tester.

10. The knight tester is almost always against everybody, he or she is considered as the negativist, an endless critic, non-friendly outcast, crazy freak, and the ultimate badass. He or she knows that this is the only way how to ensure the best software quality available now, and the better quality in the fututre.

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